Instant Credit Comparison

The interest rates remain low for the time being, so that the time to finance PC, Tablet & Laptop or for a mobile phone financing is ideal. On the other hand, clever rescheduling can reduce the financial burden – an instant loan comparison is worthwhile in any case, in order to get a comprehensive overview of the current offers.


Use persistently low interest rates intelligently

low interest

What is a real challenge for savers opens up attractive opportunities for loan seekers: European key interest rates remain at an extremely low level of 0.15 percent. For the time being, the ECC Bank will not raise its key interest rates to further support economic growth, given the continuing decline in the euro area inflation rate. Basically, the loans are cheaper, which can be traced directly in an instant loan comparison. Although there is no indication that the situation will change at this time, inflation remains to be seen. Basically, the ECB is aiming for a rate of inflation of just under two percent, but currently only 0.3 percent and thus an extremely low value registered. The obvious threat of deflation should also force the ECB to act.


Consult instant loan comparison and plan investment

instant loan comparison

For loan seekers, this means familiarizing themselves with the favorable offers in an instant loan comparison and implementing long-planned investments or recalculating current loans to reduce costs. For this, only a few data must be entered in the instant loan comparison. The overview then contains all current offers, which can also be checked in detail. As an orientation, banks and financial institutions are obliged to present a representative calculation example in order to enable a comparison even with credit-based interest rates. In these cases, the final APR for a loan is determined only after the credit check. Alternatively, there are also providers that can work with a fixed interest rate right from the start.


Few steps to the credit

Few steps to the credit

From instant credit comparison, interested parties can be guided directly to the application forms of the respective provider, enter there all requested information and upload the necessary documents. Since these are online transactions, participation in the uncomplicated PostIdent procedure for compliance with the Money Laundering Act is envisaged. Once all the documents have been received, checked and approved by the respective bank, there is nothing in the way of the payout. The immediate credit comparison of Cratchit family therefore not only offers favorable, but also quick financing options.

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